I am upset and unable to focus consistently. I heard about Whitney Houston's death while at choir, then saw the tributes at the Grammy Awards. When I started my 15 minute sing, a catchy little tune drifted down through me, but it morphed into something more melancholy, which drifted into a lyric from "I will always Love You". From there I couldn't grow the chant idea that was coalescing. I kept drifting from one musical idea to another with little rhyme or reason. It felt like I was singing around a hole in my chest, which was uncomforable and difficult. So naturally I went to all of my defaults, even the 2nd and 3rd tier defaults, and realized that I was trying to give myself a structure or anchor to hold on to. When I improvise, I find a "musical current" and ride in and around, on and under and over it, but a heaviness kept spiraling me down tonight. I switched to reading random artist and project names on my sceensaver and working them into the improv, but with all of this internal drama going on, it'll be interesting to listen to the playback.

To listen to DailySing - 12, click here.