Tonight's DailySing was the expression of a satiated spirit, slow, loose, easy and relaxed. Maybe a little too relaxed as I dozed off five times.

I started in a slow ballad mode, and during the playback, I can hear myself sounding more and more tired, and less and less coherent musically. I was very content with what I was experiencing and stopped mid-phrase. A few seconds of dead air, then I come back in as if nothing had ever happened.

I even added some syncopation to the melody in lieu of a beat to help keep me centered. the second time I stop sounds comical. I am so sleepy and out of it that my melodic line gradually falls apart, my notes are... slurred, and then I decide to change things up to wake myself up. I get into a funky little groove and promptly doze off again. When I come back in, I am so flat it hurts, and as I meander through the melody trying to do it justice, I doze off again twice more... and that's how tonight's session ended.

To listen to DailySing - 109, click here.