I was proud of the way I started tonight. As I got ready to sing, my mind was racing with ideas and possibilities, so much so that I wished for some quiet... just so that could feel "the opening". I found it at the last possible nanosecond. My mouth was open and so many ideas were clamoring to be heard that I literally closed my eyes and some totally unknown music came out of my mouth. It was sweet!

Of course, I then had to develop whatever this was becoming and mine the possibilities for all they were worth. I went to some spoken word early on in the improv. After that, I was only aware of a meandering through a landscape that seemed uniform and flat. All of the musical ideas seemed to be the same and I was on auto-pilot for a while.

At some point, I decided to break the monotony and sang a little bit of Afro Blue to shake things up. It worked, because I was no longer on auto-pilot. I could actually experience the act of creating and discovering... simultaneously!

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