Tonight was fun! I still feel the effects from our Improv Family session last night. One of the people there has a unique interpretation of rhythm. She is steeped in West African music and I find myself not simply drawn to her rhythmic expression, but entranced by it. Her phrasing is also very West African. I find strips of Wolloff, Serere and Bambara rhythms in her choices. Singing with her is deeply satisfying... like comfort food. Melodically, her sense of phrasing is unique... very African yet distinctly her own, and very dense!

This had a profound effect on tonight's DailySing. I started with an impromptue riff that was truly from the moment, but found myself quickly creating a bridge in a rapid 6/8. This bridge was a constant "go to" spot throughout the improv. I also found myself jumping from 6/8 to 4/4 time and back again. In my head they were happening simultaneously and that facilitated my being able to go from one to the other. I even tried variations of spoken word on the fly. This felt very productive.

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