Here I am once again at the witching hour feeling both drained and energized. I went away again, but I wasn't all the way gone. There was a thin veil through which I experienced the here and now while I was in the music in some other place. This inner journey that comes about every time I sing in this way is intriguing. I feel the weight of the symbols behind the flashes of imagery and behind the story birthing the melodies that are coming through me. My voice stayed in the lower registers this time, while I used body rhythms to supplement what I was singing. I can't find the places where I went away, in the playback, and that's probably a good thing. It means I'm not falling asleep, or "cheating" in any way. It means that there is something to this shifting in and out of conscious focus while performing a task, without a break in the task.

To listen to DailySing - 10, click here.