DailySing - 213 (9.8.2012)

September 9, 2012
More joyous exhuberance... is what I felt while singing this DailySing. Listening to the playback, I can hear it in my choice of melodies, bass lines, VP and solo interludes.

About halfway through, an old idea popped in out of the blue and I was able to flesh out this skeletal idea that I first sang back in college 27 years ago. It sounded like an organic extension of what was coming through me at the time. This is a rich minefield of ideas!

To listen to DailySing - 213, click here.

DailySing - 212 (9.6.2012)

September 7, 2012
Enthusiastic music tonight...

Optimism and hope are emotions which can be used to influence our work.

Tonight, I tried to work on covering as much in a song as possible simultaneously. I sang the bass line then added a tenor harmony. A percussive pattern to help define the pulse or tempo, then falsetto was added on top. 

I couldn't do them all simultaneously for any length of time, so I jumped back and forth. It's a great exercise to build up my chops by octave jumping, hitting the precise note ...
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DailySing - 211 (9.5.2012)

September 6, 2012
At some point in this process of singing every day, you hit a wall. A great wall as thick as anything you can imagine. It takes a tremendous act of will to break the lethargy and inertia.

The rolling funky fun fresh beat of tonight's jam is rhythmically varied and often interspersed with VP (vocal percussion) interludes. From a rhythmic standpoint, this sounds like a lot of fun.

I feel that my choices for solo voice in my upper range always sound the same. I'll see what I can do to break it up ...
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DailySing - 210 (9.2.2012)

September 4, 2012
I sang the contents of my day, of this past weekend. It was glorious and so was the jam, but it all got erased as I was transfering it to my computer. 

It's all gone!

The singing on my balcony from Saturday, the beautiful songs from yesterday's choir session, and tonight's DailySing... 

 All Gone!

I'm tired. There'll be more music tomorrow.

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DailySing - 209 (8.30.2012)

August 31, 2012
As I listen to tonight's playback, I can hear the progress I've made in the choices I make in the recording.

I feel the vulnerability of coming up with a slammin' solo every single time the opportunity calls for it! I am too aware of every single flicker or lack of solidity in a note, to get cocky. That beautiful journey I've ensnared the audience to take with me can all come crashing down with the utterance of one single faltering note.

But I do have exhuberance, and I can feel it in all of th...
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DailySing - 208 (8.29.2012)

August 30, 2012
I've had a wondrous day, full of wondrous experiences, from the tastes, scents, and sensually rich sounds to the sobering daily reminders of my mortality. Ok, maybe not wondrous, but still a damn good day rooted as it was, in the appreciation of the mundane.

The vitality I felt was transfered to the music I sang. With gusto and fervor didst I enter the funky realm of VP (Vocal Percussion), bass grooves and syncopation!

I felt tonight's division of time was in 2 eight minute segments instead of ...
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DailySing - 207 (8.28.2012)

August 29, 2012
I tried singing without relying on the BP I usually use as rhythmic accompaniment and felt hamstrung the whole time. 

It was fun to give validity and gravitas to whatever came out of my mouth without my built in backbeat. The different sections within the jam were more varied as I looked for ways to fill out the bottom. I explored a rhythmically based variation on the melody, I changed the rhythm almost as often as I changed musical sections. Of course, there was no other choice but to explore...
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DailySing - 206 (8.27.2012)

August 28, 2012
Today I had the luxury of beng home and I took advantage by singing on the balcony during this most beautiful afternoon.

This tune came out that comes around accasionally, and instead of trying to go somewhere new and different, I stuck with it and discovered different and new ways to playwith, stretch, invert, modulate and dance around the main melodic idea.It was quite the learning experience, and I felt re-energized!

I had a good time, and I can hear it in the playback. 

To listen to DailySin...
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DailySing - 205 (8.26.2012)

August 27, 2012
I sang outside several times during the day today. It was sublime. The ideas wouldn't stop coming and they were as varied as they were exciting! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use these opportunities to do my DailySing.

Now, at the end of the day when I have the time, the energy, drive, creativity and will are fading fast. I think about my BFF at times like these and try to forge on.

This singing session felt like I was just going through the motions, although when I feel like this, just singi...
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DailySing - 204 (8.23.2012)

August 24, 2012
Free fall...! That's what tonight's session felt like

Once I had a theme, or recurring melodic pattern, it was off to the races. I spent all of my singing time playing with variations on the main theme, as well as ideas of a less traditional nature. 

Rhythm played a huge part in my creative process for this session. I used radically opposing rhythms to define different musical sections, as well as to change the mood and atmosphere of the ongoing jam.

Do yourself a favor, and listen to DailySing ...
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If you can talk, you can sing

Emile Hassan Dyer I believe that singing is our birthright, and that it is good for our brains, bodies, and spirit. Singing releases oxytocin in the brain, and many studies have shown a correlation of oxytocin with human bonding, increases in trust, feelings of calmness and security, as well as reductions in anxiety. In other words, SINGING IS GOOD FOR YOU! I get high making up music on the spot. I get high(er) when I can do it with several people at once. There's nothing like riding the crest of a creative wave, linked harmonically and rhythmically, supporting, leading, following, creating, coaxing, cajoling, p-l-a-y-i-n-g... THAT'S MY BLISS! Singing for 15 minutes a day means trusting yourself. It means clearing your mind, opening up and discovering what sounds can come out through you, if you allow it. To listen to each of my daily sings, click on the "songs" link on the left in the grey field above the most recent post or on the link at the end of each post.


My DailySing practice is inspired by Will Hewett's Sing15 practice.

You can learn more about Sing15 at www.willhewett.com.


"creative wave"percussive lyrical vocal solos melody "richard bona "sing out loud 'vp guy" riffs sounds patterns 4/4 4/4 feel 4/4 time 6/8 6/8 bell 6/8 feel 6/8 time a cappella a cappella thang abandon accented beat accents act of singing actors adaptability addendums aeolian african vocal delivery afro blue afro funk afro-cuban air flow alive ambient apex approach arc arc of the improv architecture arrange arrangements arranging art artless aspect of music atmosphere attacked the singing audience backbeat background hum balance ballad ballad-like bass bass line bass lines bass llne be the sound beat beatbox beatboxing beats berimbaus berzerker bird song birthday birthing the melodies blog blues bluesy body percussion body rhythms bp brain brassy bre bridge bridges burst carlinhos brown catchy tune cd channel chant chants choices choir chops chorus clapping claps clarity classical clave climactic crescendo codification of play cohesion color compose compositions concert conduit 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