July 13th, 2013

1:30-7:30 pm

Moore Dancing 11943 Montana Ave. L.A. 90049

Cost: first 20 registrants $60- thereafter $75

To register go to www.acircleoftwelve.org/events.html  or call 323.733.4140. 

 Moving Voice

A men's retreat with Emile Hassan Dyer & Kitsiri De Silva.

For thousands of years men hove danced and sung. Through this they celebrated life - birth, death, marriage, victory and the hunt. They were completely natural in their expressions. They didn't try to get it right. Their dance and songs were on extension of their connections with their tribe, nature and THEMSELVES. The tribe supported each other in their celebrations, as they all shored the sacred honoring of the life they lived together.

It is time to learn from the past.

To come together and express who we really ore through our primal dance and soulful voice. We will move our body in myriad ways that will unlock the awesome power within us. We will gain a deep, rich awareness of the many aspects of ourselves as we dance the elements. We will feel grounded, fire up our passion, release the inner child, melt into our sensuality and expand in our sacredness.

EMILE HASSAN DYER raised in France and Senegal where he was influenced by the rhythms of West Africa. Inspired by his African and Cherokee roots, Emile uses vocal and body percussion as well as drums from around the world and extensive vocalese in his musical creations, bringing a multicultural sensibility to his music.

KITSIRI DE SILVA from Western Australia. He has been facilitating Primal Dance for 15 years in Australia and overseas. He has run these at men's retreats every year and has been involved in many men's projects and groups using Primal Dance. Kitsiri has a passion for strengthening and nurturing the warrior spirit in men and boys through dance & creativity.

All proceeds go to supporting men and boys around the planet through education grants. Technical training opportunities, healthcare support and community programs.

 Pandora's Vox

This video was created by my friend, Malayna Dawn, who was in a singing group with me called Pandoras Vox (Vox is Latin for voice) and our signature song was Urban Tribe.

It occurred to Malayna that this fits with the world of Pandora and the Navi tribe--since they were introduced to speaking English and to the ways of the modern world.

Here's a little montage using publicity stills from AvatarMovieZone.com and an excerpt from the song Urban Tribe (which was written by Daniel Rey and arranged by Emile Dyer, Carla Bellefeuille and Malayna Dawn.)

The group is no longer together, but it was fun while it lasted!