A unique adventure into joy and unexpected roads!

An exciting and creative multi-dimensional 7 vocalist improvisational group -

Featuring the harmonic and rhythmic dancing of:

Cathy Segal-Garcia - Jazz vocalist/composer/teacher/connector/7 CDs

Cecile Gardner - San Francisco born jazz vocalist/recording artist/teacher/composer

Mon David - Winner of the 2006 London International Jazz Competition/7 CD/Filipino jazz artist

Adrianne Duncan - Pianist/singer/songwriter/arranger/award winning

Ashley Maher - Global-diva/songwriter/sabar dancer/recording artist of 5 CDs/specialist in Senegalese culture

Diana Lynn - Singer/songwriter and soul-stirring R&B/reggae/jazz/afro-pop

Emile HassanDyer - Vocal and body percussionist/storyteller/choir director/raised in France and Africa  

OCTOBER 10th -- THURSDAY NITE -- 8:00 to 11:00 -- 2 different sets.

At Nick Mancini's jazz series at The Curve Line Gallery in Eagle Rock

Mingling begins at 8pm ... Two sets, at 8:30 and 10:00

$10 Donation - Refreshments Provided(1577 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock)

2 very unique bands
1 night


 featuring Cathy Segal-Garcia   


"Veteran art chick leads a jazzy outing that flies under the radar in left field. A subtle yet captivating feel that transcends the normal expectations of jazz."

Cathy Segal-Garcia has lived and worked in L.A. since the mid 70's. Over these many years, she's worked with hundreds of musicians, building musical and personal relationships. Known as a "musician's singer", one of her solid directions is in the modern jazz genre. The musicians in "The Moment" not only reflect her taste in that genre, but each commands huge respect amongst their peers.

This particular grouping came together at the beginning of 2012. Cathy and Gary Fukushima had performed many duo gigs together, finding it intriguing to combine each other's sense of rhythm (not on the downbeat!) and harmonic adventuring. This group has no bass player, and Gary plays mostly keyboard in it, not acoustic piano.

Add to that the Scofield-like guitar of Jeff Richman, the sought after, amazing and beautiful tenor sax of Chuck Manning. And then add in the crazy and delightful multi-percussionist Brad Dutz. Give everyone a form to play in, and then set them all to create in the moment. You get "The Moment"!